The Court History

The farm is run by the third generation of the Zangerl family.

In 1600, Georgius Scheiber was given a coat of arms, and it still adorns our house today. A framed copy of the certificate can be found in the hallway. Our jewellery, the old wooden cupboard, and the wall cupboard in our hallway also come from this family. The Scheiber family had a tradition of passing on the name Jakob. In turn, we adapted this for our house name, Kobeler, which is still in use in Landeck. Our house is not a farmhouse typical of our region. Rather, it gives the impression that it was the home of an upper-class or aristocratic family. It is possible that it was a judge’s house since they did not always live in the castles; rather, so-called judges' houses were built near the court seat. No family in Landeck could prove ownership of a house until the 17th century, and this is the case with our farm. Three generations ago, there was no successor of the Scheiber family at court. The adopted daughter of this family married Robert Zangerl from Perjen, a district of Landeck. As such, Perjen can still be read on our cowbells. Six children came from this marriage, including the first son, Robert, who subsequently took over the farm and expanded the house with his wife Annemarie. In the 1970s, they began renting the apartments of the house to guests. In 2005, Peter and Sonja took over the farm and house; gradually, they renovated the holiday apartments and rooms. Meanwhile, we switched our business from dairy farming to producing suckler cows at the farm. Happy chickens have also been living in our garden for several years.



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Landhaus Zangerl - Kobelerhof
Herzog-Friedrich-Straße 14
A-6500 Landeck in Tirol
+43 650 3400919




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Urlaub am Bauernhof

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